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Alicia Bradon

Alicia Bradon

Marketing & Communications Manager

Alicia came on board at the outset of Halcyon Care Homes and has always offered excellent knowledge of social media, as well as its benefit in providing a platform from which Halcyon could grow.

Alicia has been instrumental in the recruitment phase and the planning of events within the home. Her career path is a prime example of Halcyon Care Homes’ commitment to the future. Alicia is both determined and hardworking and, having never previously worked in a caring environment, she has learned quickly and become a welcome smile in both homes.

Alicia enjoys spending time getting to know the residents and ensuring the team and our residents are full of positivity. Alicia has shown a commitment to Halcyon Care Homes by completing a postgraduate course in marketing and social media.

Marketing & Communications Manager Alicia Bradon